Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation Patient Instructions Updated

In order to improve adherence and understanding of colonoscopy bowel prep instructions the Medical Procedures Unit recently updated the colonoscopy bowel prep instructions documents and added checkboxes that ensure users follow the instructions carefully. The updated forms also included a timeline to help users determine which day of the week to start their preparation. Failing to start the preparation on the correct day has been cause for many errors that required rescheduling of the procedure.

The collection includes 8 different documents with instructions for specific preparation methods. The materials are available in MiChart Patient Instructions and the Patient Education Clearinghouse. Read on for detailed instructions on utilizing the instructions.

Accessing the Colonoscopy Bowel Prep Instructions in MiChart

Using the instructions via MiChart enables clinicians to send them to print with the AVS or directly to the patient portal. They can also be sent to patients as a letter. To access use the three letter search in the Patient Instructions Search Box and add UMH to your search strategy, for example:
col prep umh” – will retrieve a list of all preps. Narrow the search down by using a keyword of the specific prep, for example: “col 4 liter umh” or “osmoprep umh

Accessing the ColonoscopyBowel Prep Instructions via the Patient Education Clearinghouse.

Access via links on the Medical Procedures Unit page at

Its also possible to find the instructions with a keywords search on the main page of the Clearinghouse. Use keywords representing the specific type of prep you are looking for, for example:
colonoscopy 4 liter” or “colonoscopy osmoprep

Accessing the Colonoscopy Bowel Prep Instructions via the Search Box in the Clinical or the Michigan Medicine Insider home pages.

Add the word “Clearinghouse” to your search strategy, for example "colonoscopy 4 liter clearinghouse" or "colonoscopy osmoprep clearinghouse"