Criteria for Inclusion

The Clearinghouse contains patient-education materials (print, video, audio and web pages)  created or endorsed by Michigan Medicine specialists.  To be included materials must meet the following criteria:

Criteria for materials originally authored by a Michigan Medicine faculty or staff.

(Scroll down to see criteria for materials not authored by Michigan Medicine to the Clearinghouse.)

  1. Intended audience is patients and families
  2. Written in Plain Language
    The six principles of plain language include:
    • Logical organization
    • “You” and other pronouns
    • Active voice
    • Common, everyday words
    • Short sentences, short paragraphs
    • Easy-to-read design features (such as bulleted lists, tables, line spacing etc.

    Please refer to the CMS Toolkit for Making Written Materials Clear and Effective for more detail about plain language guidelines. .

  3. Material is formatted according to the approved patient education templates and posted as pdf. The templates are published on the Michigan Medicine Patient Education website. Materials can be professionally graphically designed and not in the standard template as long as they meet plain language guidelines for language and design and:
    1. Have a Michigan Medicine logo, and include a Copyright statement and a disclaimer .
    2. Are current and include a publication or review date of 2015 or higher
      Please note: the copyright date cannot always be used as a date of publication or revision. This date changes automatically from year to year, even if the content has not been reviewed by an expert and updated accordingly. The date of publication is the date the document was originally written at OR the date it was last reviewed and updated by an content expert. An accurate date of publication is essential to ensure the Michigan Medicine provides current and updated materials.

Materials not authored by Michigan Medicine- "External materials" (for example: materials authored by NIH institutes, professional associations and other non -UMHS organizations.)

Michigan Medicine departments may ask to include external materials they use to educate their patients if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Content developed by a government agency or a professional organization of credentialed health professionals.
  2. Content developed by pharmaceutical companies may be approved if Michigan Medicine specialists determine the material is not biased or promotional, and the information is unique and useful to educate patients. (in accordance with the Michigan Medicine vendor policy).
  3. Materials meet the guidelines 2 and 3 listed above with a revision date of 2012 or higher and a printer-friendly version.
  4. A UMHS staff person takes the responsibility to ensure that the material is reviewed every two years to ensure the Clearinghouse links to the most current version. The Michigan Medicine staff person will be listed in the "Writing Team Contact" field.
  5. The Michigan Medicine staff person listed in the "Writing Team Contact" field takes the responsibility to clear any copyright permissions, if needed.